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a_defenestrated's Journal

7 December 1981
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My journal is my home.
androgyny, anglophilia, architecture, bdsm, beaches, being foreign, being selectively proprietous, bertie wooster, bilingualism, bisexuality, black, blogging, bloodplay, bollywood, book glue, britcoms, business success, careers, cats, chicago, chocolate, civil liberties, coffee, countries, creativity, crossdressing, cuisine, culture shock, cultures, customs, cv, dancing, dark lipstick, david bowie, discount bookstores, dual citizenship, efl, emigration, england, english accents, ennegram, europe, expats, eyeliner, fashion, foreign languages, foreignness, freelance writing, fry/laurie, gay rights, good posture, goth music, grammar, greg house, hair products, harry potter, higher education, holmes, holmes/watson, homoerotic subtext, homoeroticism, homosocial interaction, house/wilson, indian food, indian music, industrial music, international issues, jeeves, jeeves & wooster, jeeves/wooster, jeremy brett, johnny depp, journals, languages, leather, leather pants, lesbians, libraries, lightening, lighting, lipstick, london, loneliness, long distance, madeline albright, mbti, mexican food, meyers-briggs, moleskine, money, moving, multiculturalism, naturalization, nonfiction, notebook, notebooks, organization, oscar wilde, otherness, packing, passport, peace corps, pens, perfect and poisonous, perversion, picture of dorian gray, politics, queer, rain, rants, red, red wine, resume, rocky horror show, running away, sadomasochism, schadenfreude, sex, sherlock holmes, shoes, slash, spanish, stephen fry, stereotypes, student travel, sushi, t.s. eliot, tea, tefl, thunderstorms, tim curry, time zones, to-do lists, transitions abroad, travel, university, used books, vampires, vegetables, violin, visa, voyage, wicker park, wilde, wodehouse, working abroad, writing